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Estimate the cost of window cleaning service at your home. Our pricing is based on the number of panes that need to be cleaned.

Note: All Interior and Exterior options include basic screen and sill cleaning.

Window Cleaning Pricing Packages Minneapolis
Window Cleaning Minneapolis Storm and French Paned Window

The pricing above does not include French paned/divided light, storm/combination windows, skylights or windows requiring interior ladder use. Hardwater stain removal and construction debris is not included in the quote. If your home has French panes (permanent grids on the windows that cannot be removed) or any type of combination storm windows (typically found in homes older than 40 years and typically located in Minneapolis/Saint Paul) – please call for a free estimate. Pricing assumes all windows are being cleaned.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How are windows counted for an estimate?

We consider a pane as each individual section of glass so, a double hung window (one that slides up and down) would generally have 2 panes to it.

What type of windows are included?

Easily get a quote for the most common types of windows including double-hung, bay, sliding windows, French doors and fixed picture windows. For storm windows or French windows with grids, call us for an estimate.

What is included in a basic screen/sill cleaning?

Basic screen and sill cleaning is included complimentary in our interior and exterior window cleaning service. This includes a rinse of the screen to remove debris, as well as a rinse and wipe-down of the sill.

What are storm/combination windows and/or French paned windows?

Storm or combination windows are common in homes built pre-1980. These windows typically include a window unit mounted over the interior window, which includes a screen within the assembly track. French paned windows are large windows with grids. With newer French paned windows, the grids may be easier to remove; however, older French windows may have fixed grids.

What is your process for cleaning my windows?

We have a three-step process for all window cleanings. For exterior windows we wet the glass, scrub the glass and then squeegee it dry. Scrubbing the glass removes any build-up of tree sap, mulch spores, bird droppings, etc., that have stuck to the glass. Most of our customers agree this third step helps their windows stay cleaner longer, and it leaves your windows looking extra clean.

Do you clean both the interior and the exterior of my windows?

Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your window panes leaves you with the best results; however, we can clean both or just the side of your choosing. We train our technicians to work with safety and care when inside your home to ensure your furnishings, floors, and window treatments remain the way you left them.

Will your cleaning remove hardwater stains or construction debris from my windows?

Our standard window cleaning service does not include hardwater stain removal or removal of construction debris. However, we do provide this service. If your project requires hardwater or construction debris removal, contact us for a personalized estimate.

Do these prices apply to commercial properties?

No. Commercial properties typically have a different set of window cleaning challenges and needs. The types of windows tend to be different, as well. Therefore, for commercial properties, contact our team for an estimate for your site.

How does weather (rain) affect my window cleaning appointment?

Clean and Clear offers year-round service! We clean in the winter season as well as during the hot, humid summer. A light rain will also not affect our technicians or your windows. Window spots don’t come from the rain on the windows, but rather a driving rain hitting a dirty screen. It is our year round service that lets us retain our qualified technicians so that we can keep the quality of your cleanings consistent.

In the case of heavy rain, we will ask to clean the inside of your windows first. Because it generally doesn’t rain all day, it will usually have stopped by the time we are ready to clean the exterior. If we are unable to finish the job due to the rain, we will make an effort to come back later the same day, or later that week. You won’t need to be home for us to finish the exterior window cleaning and we will send you an invoice if you are not present.

In addition, we do offer a 48-Hour Rain Guarantee. If it rains, and the exteriors of your windows are blemished by the rain, we will, at no charge to you, touch up the exterior of the windows. We just ask that you call within 48 hours of the original service date.

Should I do anything to prepare for my window cleaning appointment?

While it is not necessary for you to offer any assistance, it can help the process. Many of our customers prefer to help with the removal of window grids as well as moving small items such as plants or pictures away from window sills. Our team can move larger items such as couches or beds if need be. Our technicians can work around almost anything, though, should you be unable to help out.

How long does window washing take?

For most homes without storm windows it takes two to four hours to clean both the interior and exterior of the windows. When we anticipate a job to take longer, we send larger crews. If you have any concerns about the length of time we will be working on your home, please let us know when you schedule your appointment with us.


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