Clean and clear is an exterior property cleaning company that focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients. 

We aim to provide a professional service while maximizing our years of experience to help save our customers money on their maintenance costs. 

Our company has grown because of a commitment to excellence and quality customer service. 

Service with a smile.

As we’ve grown through the years, we have won Angie’s List Super Service Award several times (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) and have become one of the top-rated companies in the entire state of Minnesota.

CleanandClearMN Values: Vision, Mission & Culture

Vision (Why) Clean and Clear exists to serve the needs of its customers as well as its employees. We believe in making Home Services convenient and help our clients regain their time and maintain their safety. 

We improve the lives and homes of those that we work with. 

Mission (How) We offer high quality cleaning services to homeowners and businesses throughout the Twin Cities. We do this by hiring experienced staff, providing extensive safety and technique training, and committing ourselves to taking care of our employees and clients. 

Service, Integrity, and Excellence is the foundation to all work that we do. 

Culture, Top Values –

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Hard-Work
  • Stewardship
  • Humility

Service – Clean and Clear exists to service the needs of its customers and employees. Building strong relationships is our focus.

We believe in making Home Services convenient.

Integrity – We operate with integrity and honesty as a foundation to everything that we do. We do things the right way. Following through on what we tell our clients is essential. We respect our clients and their time.

Excellence – We perform high quality work and take pride in a job well done. Clean and Clear has an active commitment to excellence and will continually work to improve and get better as a company in all aspects. 

Hard-Work – We operate with diligence and a commitment to learning. We only provide our customers with our best.

Stewardship – Our employees are the most important resource in our service commitment to our customers. We hire and retain people who represent and carry our company values well. We work hard to create a safe and accident-free environment. 

We earn our client’s business each day and every day and will protect the privacy and security of our customers.

Humility – We value teamwork and incorporate employees into our planning. We remain humble and open to healthy feedback from fellow co-workers and customers alike. We use this to learn and become better.

Our team is committed to being a reliable partner our customers can depend on.

Service with a smile.

Exterior property cleaning

We take pride in having top quality cleaning systems and employee training in all areas of our services. Our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of thousands of home and business owners throughout our Minnesota service area since our company began.


We offer services within a 30 mile radius of the Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area. Check all of our service areas/locations.

Call about inquiries outside of these cities.

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