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Commercial Window Washing in the Minneapolis-St Paul Area

Clean windows are a crucial element of any commercial property. If you are in a building with windows that are streaked, scratched up, or smeared with residue, you’re simply not putting your best foot forward for your clientele. In fact, you are communicating a rather unfortunate message. It could be easy for potential customers to see your dull, dirty windows as an extension of the level of service you’ll offer. Obviously, this isn’t good.

If your business is dealing with windows that aren’t looking their best, don’t fret: Clean and Clear can help. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; if you have a window, glass door, or divider that needs to be cleaned correctly, Clean and Clear’s bevy of knowledgeable and reliable experts are equipped to make it sparkle.

Over the years, our highly skilled team has cleaned windows for a wide array of commercial properties in the Twin Cities area, including:

  • Property management companies
  • HOA’s
  • Large commercial properties, such as schools and universities
  • Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Churches
  • Realty Companies
  • Home Builders/Construction

Some of the specific companies we’ve washed windows for include:

  • Greystar
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  • Friendship Village and Senior Living
  • Fairview Hospital Systems
  • First Service Residential

Why Hire Clean and Clear?

  • The element that sets Clean and Clear apart from other commercial window washing services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is the attention to detail we deploy, no matter how big or small the project happens to be.
  • We believe in using the most innovative and up-to-date techniques, products, and methods to bring your windows from dull to dynamite. From mild detergents to squeegee tools, each item we use will help protect your windows from the scourge of streaks, drips, or residue.
  • We even have the materials to clean up any hard water issues that may have accumulated on your windows over time.
  • Additionally, we’ll carefully get into the nooks and crannies that are often overlooked in window washing projects.
  • If you have a window that needs a little extra TLC, such as an engraved partition or a stained-glass feature, we’ll clean it with the utmost in gentleness.

And if you have dirty screens on your windows, no problem. Clean and Clear can handle them, too. If you opt for this additional service, our friendly experts will meticulously clean the screens until no speck of dirt is interfering with your windows’ beauty.

Efficiency + Safety = Excellent Service

  • We couple this strong attention to detail with a goal to complete your job as efficiently as possible. Clean and Clear knows your time is valuable. We also know this is especially so in the world of commercial properties where having to deal with an outside service for an inordinate amount of time could feel like it’s costing business.
  • Because of this, our professionally trained staff will honor your business needs by arriving on time for your scheduled appointment. We also promise that each job won’t take longer than it should. We don’t want to waste your time, because we know time is money.
  • We also firmly believe in making sure whatever job you need is carried out in the safest manner possible. Clean and Clear carries liability insurance for all services offered so that you and your property are protected to the fullest.
  • We take security and safety with supreme seriousness, which is why we also deploy a thorough vetting process on any employee that represents our brand. As such, you can feel confident that whoever comes to your property is not only going to be highly skilled but also highly trustworthy.

Keeping Things Clean Consistently

  • Finally, Clean and Clear strives to make it easy to keep your windows clean on a consistent basis. We offer maintenance window washing services that allow you to keep your property’s glass perpetually shining brightly.
  • This service eliminates the hassle of having to remember to book a call every few months – not to mention having to make the call and schedule arrangements. Instead, you can turn your attention to the important things, like growing your business.
  • Schedule a one-time cleaning or regular recurring services that can be performed at a frequency of your choice.
  • If your windows aren’t making your company look its best, please contact us today for a free estimate. If you have any questions for us, one of our friendly and informative receptionists will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What are your capabilities?

To ensure safety, our company is certified for boom lifts, powered platforms, and rope access (rappel descent).

In addition, when necessary, we also equipped with steel ladders as well as water-fed poles to provide exterior cleaning on homes and commercial buildings.

We train our residential and commercial window cleaners on fall protection, rigging safety and rope access. For more information on our water fed service options, please visit our Blog Resource Center.

Is there anything our property needs to do to prepare for the service?

Our team will come outfitted with the proper equipment and necessary permits to complete your project. A few things we do ask for from our clients include:

  • Onsite Water Access
  • Key Access where necessary
  • Updated Anchor Certifications (for rappelling jobs)
  • Windows Shut prior to our arrival
  • Screens removed from the windows (we can assist in this process if needed)

Every project is slightly different and our trained project managers will be able to review these items in more specific detail with you prior to work commencing.

How does scheduling work and long will my project take?

We take pride in having some of the best technicians in the industry. This allows us to provide our customers with quick responses times for scheduling. We are generally able to meet most all deadlines even when property management time constraints are tight.

Every project varies in size and complexity. For most projects, we will have 2-3 employees assigned to complete the work. We base our team sizes largely on deadlines, complexity of the work as well as the size of the scope of work.

What should I expect on the first day of service?

Both our commercial office staff and technicians will review the scope of work with on-site management upon arrival. This allows us to understand any particular concerns you may have before we begin the work.

On each project we complete, we have a team lead assigned to manage our on-site cleaners.This team lead also serves as the property manager’s main point of contact during the completion of the project.

They will work with you to update you of work status on an on-going basis.

Once the team lead has reviewed any additional property management requests, our cleaners will begin the work.

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    Angie List Super Service Award 2019 Winner

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