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Pressure Washing Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Softwashing and pressure washing are ideal solutions for stains, dirt and grime on exterior surfaces. Clean and Clear of Minnesota provides pressure washing and softwashing services at a reasonable rate. Let our team help you revitalize your outdoor surfaces, safely and quickly.

Mineral build-up, excessive grime, dirt, mold and mildew on surfaces like patios, door frames, driveways and siding can be tough to remove by hand without using harsh and dangerous chemicals. That’s where softwashing comes in. With softwashing, a biodegradable detergent is applied at low pressure to an outdoor surface. Then, after sitting for about 15 minutes, the detergent is rinsed away, along with dirt, grime, mold/mildew and lichen.

Softwashing is the lowest level of pressure washing, at about 80 PSI. High-pressure washes, which we recommend for some surfaces, can range up to 3,000 PSI. Knowing which level of pressure to use on which surfaces is vital to preventing damage such as cracking, crumbling and stripping that can occur when washing old or deteriorated cement, wood, window and door frames, painted siding or vinyl siding.

Our knowledgeable employees put their experience to work for you when performing pressure washing services. They use their hands-on experience to help you accomplish the final outcome that you are looking to achieve. This leaves you without the headache of fixing any potential damage that you may have caused by not knowing the best pressure settings to use for your particular circumstances.

Our Working Procedure

We’ve developed a quick process to provide pressure washing at homes and commercial properties in the Twin Cities.

Our process includes:

  • We start by assessing the outdoor surface, to determine the appropriate course of action: Softwash or pressure wash. We recommend softwashing for delicate surfaces, like mortared patios, vinyl siding, or deteriorated concrete. Pressure washing, on the other hand, is ideal for concrete patios and pool decks.
  • Our staff will come out and assist you with your cleaning or resurfacing projects by pressure washing or softwashing the area, cleaning deeply ground in dirt, mud, grime, and other particles that need to be removed before you can continue with your project.
  • Having our team softwash your surfaces before you begin applying the first coat of sealant to any surface assures that you will be starting from a clean slate so that any primers, fillers, grout, or resurfacing materials that you apply adhere properly and remain in place for years to come.
  • Because pressure washing removes dirt, mold, and mildew at their deepest levels, your property will remain vibrant and clean for much longer than when using less aggressive techniques or products that only remove the surface layers of dirt, mold, and mildew allowing them to return at a much faster rate.

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