Detailed vs. Basic Sill / Screen Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

by Feb 25,2023

Screen and window sill cleaning is just as important as cleaning the glass of the window. Sills and screens collect grime and dirt, and over time, exposure to the elements can begin to degrade their integrity.

Screens may rust over time or collect dust and dirt, resulting in lower visibility through the window. Sills also collect dust and dirt, which can deteriorate the sill’s protective coatings and will look unsightly whenever the window is ajar. Over time, prolonged exposure can make sills susceptible to water damage and result in costly repairs.

What are Sills and/or Tracks?

Track – A track is the vertical surface of the window in which the window slides up and down

Sill – A sill is the horizontal surface or base of the window in which it rests when closed. This is included in the basic sill cleaning for interior and exterior work.

Stool – The window trim that sticks out into the room, like a little shelf, is called the stool. For easy reference, we also refer to that as a sill. This is included in the basic sill cleaning for interior and exterior work.


What Types of Window Sill / Screen Cleaning Are Available?

Clean and Clear offers two types of sill and screen cleaning services:

1) Basic Sill and Screen Cleaning
2) Detailed Sill and Screen Cleaning

Basic sill/screen cleaning is complementary with the interior/exterior washing package. (However, it’s not included in the exterior-only service.) Detailed sill/screen cleaning, however, is a more in-depth service that comes with an additional charge.


What’s Basic Sill / Screen Cleaning?

Basic Sill/Screen Cleaning is a service that we include with interior and exterior cleaning packages. If you request an estimate for interior/exterior cleaning, sill cleaning will be included in the price.

This level of service is a basic cleaning of the screens and sills. Here are some of the highlights of this service:

  • We remove/replace the screens
  • Wipe down and clean sills
  • Brush and clean screens

This level of service generally removes 70-80% of the dirt/dust/debris, and we recommend this level of cleaning at least once per year. If the screens or sills have collected dirt, this level of service will make a visible impact on the cleanliness.

When Is Sill / Screen Cleaning Not Included?

With exterior-only window cleaning, we don’t have complete access to the window system and are unable to remove the panes. Therefore, we cannot gain complete access to the sills, tracks, and screens without the addition of our interior cleaning service.

NOTE – for basic cleaning we do not open the windows to clean out by the mechanical crank area on casement / crank out windows.

What’s Detailed Sill / Screen Cleaning?

Our Detailed Screen and Sill Cleaning service is a deeper cleaning of the entire window unit. In this service, we clean deep in the window sills, including the window tracks, as well as do a detailed cleaning of the screen. Here are some facts about this service:

  • Remove / replace window screens
  • Deep cleaning of sills
  • Removes 95% of dirt and grime
  • Solution added to tracks to remove dirt and grime
  • Improves window sliding / functionality

The Detailed Sill and Screen Cleaning removes any hard-to-reach dirt and grime that would accumulate. To ensure the functionality and hygiene of the windows, Detailed Sill and Screen Cleaning is recommended for all windows that haven’t been professionally cleaned within the past year.

Like window washing, this type of service is dependent on the number of windows. However, this service’s pricing and cleaning process is more variable as our technicians will assess the current state of the windows, sills, and screens to determine the proper method of cleaning for each window. For example, screens and sills with deep dirt, dust, and mud may require a more thorough cleaning.

Which Option Should I Choose?

For most customers who have regular cleanings completed (1-2x per year), a basic cleaning is typically sufficient.

We recommend detailed sill/screen cleaning completed when windows have been infrequently cleaned. These will often have mold, moss, and thick dirt build up present.

Of course, this is all based upon homeowner preference. Some customers never open their windows and they don’t place a high priority of having the sills cleaned. Alternatively, some customers prefer to have their window sills perfectly spotless.

If you are unsure on which option to choose, our trained technicians can provide a proper assessment and recommendation when on-site.

Interested in sill and screen cleaning? Contact Clean and Clear today for an estimate. Note: Basic is included with interior/exterior screen cleaning, but not exterior-only cleanings.




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