How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

by Sep 9,2023

If you’ve never had your home’s windows professionally cleaned, you might be wondering: What does professional window cleaning cost? The short answer is window cleaning costs depend on several factors including:

  • The number of window panes
  • Type of service
  • If interior and exterior cleaning is required

One of the most common questions we hear is about cost. Fortunately, Clean and Clear offers a simple quoting process, so that you can begin to estimate what you’d pay for window cleaning service at your home.

Estimate the Cost of Window Cleaning: Number of Window Panes

The most important factor that affects the cost of window cleaning is the number of panes you need washed. For example, if you need 1-20 panes of glass cleaned, our standard cost is $145 for exterior cleaning only.

Counting window panes can get confusing. The majority of windows have 2-3 panes of glass. For example, a standard double-hung window typically has an upper pane of glass and a lower pane of glass. Therefore, a double-hung window would count as 2 panes in our estimate.

What is a Window Pane?

A pane is a sheet of glass that sits within a frame in a window. For example, a picture window is a large stationary window. Picture windows only have a single pane of glass, and as such, would only count as one pane in an estimate for window cleaning.

A Bay window, on the other hand, generally has a three-section design that bows out from a building. Bay windows typically have three panes of glass, and therefore, one bay window would count as three panes of glass in our estimate.

Ultimately, we base all of our estimates on the number of window panes that need to be cleaned. However, there are additional factors like – if sill / screen cleaning or if interior cleaning is required – that will also increase costs.

Other Factors that Affect Window Cleaning Costs

In addition to the number of panes, the level of service you need, the type of window, or if any special window cleaning services are required (e.g. hard-water stain removal) will also affect the costs. Some additional factors to consider include:

Exterior Only vs Interior / Exterior

For crystal clear windows, it’s important to clean both the interior and exterior surfaces regularly. However, exterior window cleaning is recommended multiple times per year in the Minneapolis area, due to seasonal factors like pollen, dust, etc. Interior cleaning may only be needed once per year.

Our window cleaning estimates are available for both interior and exterior cleaning, or exterior-only cleaning. Generally, adding interior cleaning doesn’t have a dramatic effect on the estimate. For example, cleaning just the exterior surface of 1-20 panes costs $145; however, interior and exterior cleaning for 1-20 panes is just $195 (which also includes basic sill/screen cleaning).

Detailed Screen and Sill Cleaning

Sills and screens collect dust, pollen and outside contaminants, and may also require cleaning. We offer a basic package (which is included in Interior / Exterior cleaning). But for more intensive projects, we offer a Detailed Screen and Sill cleaning package.

This is a deep cleanse of the screen and sill, which will improve the window’s operability, protect against water damage, and ensure your windows look great inside and out.

Type of Window

 Some window types are not included in our standard estimates. These include:

  • French windows (with fixed dividers)
  • Storm / combination windows
  • Skylights
  • Windows requiring interior ladder use

Special Services

The two most common services we get asked about are hard water stain removal, and construction debris removal.

We customize estimates for these services based on the type of stains that need to be removed or construction debris issues. Therefore, stain / construction debris removal isn’t included in our standard window washing quotes.

Estimating Window Washing Costs at Your Property

Ultimately, the best way to determine a ballpark estimate for window cleaning at your home is to:

  • Count the number of panes
  • Determine if you have French windows or storm / combination windows
  • Determine if you’ll need interior and exterior, or exterior-only cleaning
  • Identify any potential issues (like interior ladder use or stain removal)

If your home has standard windows, simply count the number of panes of glass. Our estimating costs chart will help you see what you can expect to pay. If you’re unsure, or think your home has special requirements, contact us for an accurate estimate. Ultimately, Clean and Clear strives to make the quoting process as transparent, accurate, and efficient as possible.

Contact us today to schedule service or to learn more about window cleaning costs!




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