What to Expect for Your Service:

We strive to provide a hands-off and smooth service experience for our customers.

Included below is a list of commonly asked questions relating to your upcoming service with our company.

If you have any questions not answered, please let us know. We are always available via phone (text or call) or via email.

Thanks again for the opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to working with you!

What can I expect during my service?

Our uniformed employees will arrive on time, in company lettered vehicles, fully prepared to help you with your cleaning project. We will review the details of the project with you, see if there are any areas that you would like to focus on specifically, and get your approval before starting the work.

Once we are finished, we will review the work we did for you and ensure you are fully satisfied. If you have young children or you will be working from home, we can work around those rooms as needed.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my service?
We try to make our services as hands-off as possible. While it is not necessary for you to offer any assistance, it can help the process.

Each service is different:

Gutter Cleaning – If your garage has gutters on it, please keep from parking underneath. This will help to keep any dirty leaves from falling on your vehicle.

Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning – We will just need the exterior water turned on. If your water is not turned on or you have low water pressure/well water, please notify us in advance.

Window Cleaning – Many of our customers prefer to help with the removal of window grids as well as moving small items such as plants, pictures and other knick-knacks away from window sills.

Our team can move larger items away from the windows such as couches or beds if need be. Our technicians can work around almost anything, though, should you be unable to help out.

Holiday Light Installation – Please keep from parking on your driveway/underneath your roofline. This helps our technicians have clear access to the roofline area.

Do I need to be Home for the Service?

We won’t need access to your home for gutter cleaning and pressure washing typically won’t need to have you present.

For window cleaning, if you are scheduled for interior window cleaning or have screens on the outside of the windows, we typically will need interior access to your home. Many of our customers let our trusted employees into their home as they are going off to work and then ask our technicians to lock the door on the way out, much like a house cleaning service.

We will not need you to be home for holiday light installation.

How does scheduling/arrival times work?

Depending on the service to be completed, you may or may not need to be home.

Will need to be home –

· Window Cleaning

Do not need to be home –

· Gutter Cleaning / Gutter Guard Installation

· Pressure Washing / Roof Cleaning

· Holiday Light Installation

We finalise our routes one day prior. The afternoon/evening before your appointment, you will receive a text and email notice with a more accurate arrival time.

The notice will contain a 2-hour window of arrival for when you can expect our technician(s).

We do our best to ensure we are arriving on time within this notice period.

Should you need to reschedule, please inform our office team via email or text.
(612) 254-8777

How long does the service typically take to complete?
The time to complete projects can vary based on the scope and size of each project. The following are average times per each type of service:

Pressure Washing and Roof Cleanings – 1-3 hours
Gutter Cleanings – 30 minutes to 1 hour
Window Cleaning – 2-4 hours
Holiday Light Installation – 1-3 hours

How do I pay for service?
We accept cash, card or check. You can pay our technicians after the work has been completed.

For residential services, payment is due at the time of completion. If you are not home, we will email your invoice, which may be paid online.

How does rain affect my appointment?

Clean and Clear is a year-round service! We clean in the winter season as well as in the hot and humid summer season weather. A light rain will also not affect our technicians or your windows. Window spots don’t come from the rain on the windows, but rather a driving rain hitting a dirty screen. It is our year-round service that lets us retain our qualified technicians so that we can keep the quality of your cleanings consistent.

In the case of heavy rain, we will ask to clean the inside of your windows first. Because it generally doesn’t rain all day, it will usually have stopped by the time we are ready to clean the exterior. If we are unable to finish the job due to the rain, we will make an effort to come back later the same day, or later that week. You won’t need to be home for us to finish the exterior window cleaning and we will send you an invoice if you are not present.

In addition, we do offer a 48 Hour Rain Guarantee. If it rains, and the exteriors of your windows are blemished by the rain, we will, at no charge to you, touch up the exterior of the windows. We just ask that you call within 48 hours of the original service date.

Will my pricing change?

We do our absolute best to honor quoted pricing. Typically, the only time a price would change would be if the scope was materially different than what is normal to a standard cleaning.

We will always make sure we discuss with you before proceeding with any additional work. You will never receive a bill for services you did not agree to.

Examples of items that may not fall under a standard cleaning include:

• Restoration services needed to clean the windows (paint, silicon, hard-water present on the window glass).
• Storm windows or true divided light/ French panes being present
• Gutter guards being present on a home and in need of removal to clean underneath.
• Inorganic stains such as rust, oil, and efflorescence are not included in
the standard pressure washing.

Exterior property cleaning

We take pride in having top quality cleaning systems and employee training in all areas of our services. Our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of thousands of home and business owners throughout our Minnesota service area since our company began.


We offer services within a 30 mile radius of the Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area. Check all of our service areas/locations.

Call about inquiries outside of these cities.

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