Snow Removal Plans This Winter in St. Paul

by Mar 8,2018

If you’ve lived in the Saint Paul area for a while, you know how harsh winters can be. If you’ve just moved here, you’re in for a shock! Regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, now is the time to begin planning for this winter’s St. Paul snow removal. The first snowfall is just around the corner and will be here before you know it.

Winters in St. Paul

Any idea what the coldest metropolitan area in the continental United States is? If you guessed Minneapolis/St. Paul, you’re correct. The average winter temperature is around 10F, although it’s much more common to see temperatures hover around 0F. The St. Paul area averages between 5 – 6 feet of snow annually. This year could be noticeably worse than previous years. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Winter Outlook has predicted a harsher winter for the Northern Tier, which includes Minnesota. This would be because of La Nina, which has a 55% – 65% chance of developing in the coming weeks.

The deputy direct of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, Mike Halpert, said, “If La Nina conditions develop, we predict it will be weak and potentially short-lived, but it could still shape the character of the upcoming winter. Typical La Nina patterns during winter include above-average precipitation and colder than average temperatures along the Northern Tier of the U.S. and below normal precipitation and drier conditions across the South.”

It’s been predicted that Minnesota specifically stands a 50% chance to see colder temperatures than normal. It was also predicted that Minnesota would receive more precipitation than average. St. Paul residents are all too familiar with the fact that Colder Temperatures + Increased Precipitation = More Snow. St. Paul snow removal will be a necessity this winter.

The Disruptions Snow Can Cause

Although it’s a part of the St. Paul way of life, snow can be incredibly inconvenient and disruptive if you do not have a plan in place beforehand.

Blizzards in St. Paul can dump a few inches of snow in an hour. It’s near impossible to shovel at a rate that outpaces a snowstorm. The snow will quickly accumulate and can leave behind a foot or more of wet, heavy snow. It is dangerous to try and shovel this much snow. You can cause your body serious harm.

Not only do you risk injuring your back while shoveling, but you risk exposing yourself to the elements and developing hypothermia or frostbite from the extreme cold. Even the most experienced St. Paul residents can find themselves in a life-threatening situation when trying to battle Mother Nature’s vicious Northern wrath. It sounds like the simple solution is to wait it out, right?

Not quite. Because the snow can accumulate so quickly, you risk being snowed into your home. It never really warms up during the winter, so the snow will not melt. If there’s an emergency, you will have no way to leave your home, endangering your family’s safety.

Even if the situation does not become that dire, neglecting St. Paul roof snow removal can still interfere with your daily life. Not having a snow removal plan can cause you to miss work and other important obligations.

The City of St. Paul’s Snow Plowing Plans

The City of St. Paul’s snow removal division has years of experience working through tough storms. They work around the clock to keep your city roads clear. When snowfall begins, the city works to meet a list of goals, as followed:

  1. Salt applied using pre-wet to maximize effectiveness
  2. High priority arterial route items anti-iced
  3. Downtown streets anti-iced
  4. Day Plow Routes completed by the end of snow emergency second phase
  5. Night Plow Routes completed by the end of snow emergency first phase
  6. Arterial streets treated within 10 hours after event ends
  7. City-identified sidewalks cleared within 24 hours after street operations end

Although the city does a great job removing snow, they don’t have the resources to handle residential or commercial snow removal. As a residential homeowner or commercial business owner, what are you supposed to do to remove snow this winter?

Removing Snow in St. Paul

Fortunately, businesses such as Clean and Clear offer residential and commercial St. Paul snow removal services. It’s best to arrange your snow removal services before the winter snowfall begins. Once the first snowflakes begin to touch the ground, Clean and Clear will be working overtime to keep their customer’s properties clear.

You should be able to negotiate a contract with your snow removal servicing company that meets your financial means. Clean and Clear offers a pre-paid season contract that allows you to select the type of snow removal service you prefer. This pre-paid contract allows you to pay a lump sum at the beginning of the season, and have access to Clean and Clear’s services whenever a need arises.

Professional St. Paul snow removal services can remove snow quickly and efficiently. You’ll stay safe and warm indoors, and will be able to rest assured knowing a team of professionals Is properly handling your snow removal needs.




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If you've lived in the Saint Paul area for a while, you know how harsh winters can be. If you've just moved here, you're in for a shock! Regardless of whether you're a rookie or a seasoned veteran, now is the time to begin planning for this winter's St. Paul snow removal.
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