How Are Estimates Assembled?

by Feb 25,2023

A question we hear often is: How does Clean and Clear estimate the cost of window cleaning or another type of exterior cleaning?

The short answer is that we make a personalized quote for every exterior cleaning project. Each quote is dependent on factors like the size of the property, the services required, and the level of service you have requested.

Fortunately, for many estimates, we do not need to make a site visit. That’s why we can generally make very fast, accurate estimates for our customers, so they don’t have to wait to hear back for a response.

How Do We Construct an Estimate?

Often, we use Google Maps to estimate gutter length for gutter cleaning estimates, or we can use photos and a window count from a homeowner to put together a window cleaning estimate. However, we typically make an on-site estimate if the conditions of the project are unique, for example, a window cleaning project needing hard water stain removal or a commercial garage cleaning project.

We strive to be as transparent as possible when making estimates for cleaning services.

Window Cleaning Estimates: What You Need to Know

Clean and Clear has a standard estimate process, and it’s fairly simple to understand. Our window cleaning estimates are based on a few variable factors:

  • Number of window panes – Our window washing quotes are determined by the number of panes of glass at your property. For example, a sliding window would be two panes, while a picture window would be one pane. Large bay windows may have 5 panes.
  • Interior or exterior cleaning – Each estimate is based on whether you need just the exterior of the window clean, or both interior and
  • Special windows – Some window types do not qualify for our standard estimates. This includes storm / combination windows, as well as French windows. These windows are more time-consuming to clean, and therefore, require a personalized estimate.
  • Special services – Special services like hard water stain removal or construction debris removal also do not qualify for our standard estimates.
  • Project requirements – Cleaning projects that require indoor ladder do not qualify for our standard estimates. Additionally, if your home’s windows haven’t been professionally cleaned in 2+ years, that can affect the price of the quote.

Ultimately, if you have standard 2-pane well-maintained windows that need to be cleaned, we offer rates based on the number of panes in total. The cost for 1-20 panes is $145 (exterior only) or $195 (interior and exterior), up to 66-70 panes $280 exterior or $400 interior and exterior.

Note: All of our estimates include a basic sill and screen cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Estimates: FAQs

Gutter cleaning estimates are made on two factors: the size of the home (length of the gutters) and the type of service. We offer three service packages:

  • Basic – This includes cleaning of gutters and downspouts, debris removal from the roof, and before/after photos.
  • Advanced – This includes all of the basic services, as well as flushing of the gutters and downspouts.
  • Premier – This includes all of the basic and advanced services, as well as gutter whitening and a full service report.

Ultimately, the most important factor is the size of the home. We offer packages for small, medium, and large homes. Larger, multi-story homes typically have longer gutters, and therefore, the cost for gutter cleaning is more.

Our pricing for basic gutter cleaning service starts at $135 for small homes, $165 for medium homes, and $215 for large homes.

How We Make Pressure Washing Estimates

We offer a range of pressure washing and softwash services. For areas like decks, driveways, sidewalks and patios, we personalize every estimate. Therefore, you might be required to measure the space and send pictures for an estimate.

However, for soft washing the siding of a home, we offer standard estimates. This include a softwash of all the exterior siding, and the pricing for siding cleaning is:

  • Small home – from $345
  • Medium home – from $445
  • Large home – from $535

Factors that can affect pricing include removal of inorganic stains such as rust, oil, or effervescence. Removing these stains requires a specialized treatment. Additionally, some homes with wooden shake siding may require a personalized estimate.

Do I Need to Be Home for an Estimate?

No. If an on-site visit is required to make an estimate, you do not need to be home. We make estimates for all of our services from the exterior of the home.

For example, for a window cleaning quote, our team would count the number of window panes for cleaning, as well as the type of windows that need to be cleaned. We would then email you the estimate.

However, for complex projects, an in-person estimate may be required. For example, for a commercial parking structure cleaning project, a representative may need to be present to learn more about project specifications.

Now you can try to build a fairly accurate estimate for the cost of the service you are looking to have done. For the most accurate estimate, contact our team today. We’ll let you know whether an onsite visit is required, or if any special requirements of the project will result in additional costs.  Request a Quote from Clean and Clear!




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