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Gutter Cleaning Minneapolis – St. Paul

Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming chore, but it’s a necessary task to protect your home from
water damage, sagging gutters, and gutter clogs. Schedule seasonal gutter cleaning in Minneapolis today with Clean and Clear!


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Clean and Clear is an experienced, award-winning exterior cleaning company. We’ll arrive on time, and clean up the mess so you don’t have to. That’s our Service Guarantee.

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Select a time for your gutter cleaning appointment online, and get your personalized quote fast! No need for phone calls or waiting around for the phone to ring – you can do it all online.

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We offer a variety of gutter cleaning packages from Basic to Advanced, with pricing based on the size of your home. Choose a package and estimate costs now.

Gutter Cleaning Minneapolis Pricing Packages
Gutter Cleaning Minneapolis Pricing Packages

Pricing does not include removal of existing gutter guards/covers or cleaning of unattached buildings such as detached garages and outbuildings. Flushing is from the rooftop to the ground (above ground) and does not include flushing underground drainage pipes. Homes that have severely clogged downspouts or significant amounts of roof debris/downed tree limbs may be an additional cost.

Note: We will always communicate with you for an approval prior to proceeding with additional work.



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Get a quote fast with Clean and Clear. With our easy online quote process, you can get an estimate ASAP!


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Choose a time that works for you. Simply see our schedule and request a time. You don’t need to be home while we work (for most services).


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Your home is in good hands! We’re licensed, insured, and properly train every gutter cleaning tech on our team. That’s why we guarantee our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I have my gutters cleaned?
In the Minneapolis area, gutter cleaning is recommended twice per year. Generally, you should
have your home’s gutters cleaned after the fall leaf season, and again in early to mid-summer
(to remove pollen and spring leaf litter). Regular cleaning prevents downspouts from clogging
and ensures your home’s gutters drain properly.
How do you clean the gutters and what do you do with any mess?

Gutters are cleaned manually and the debris is removed by hand. Blowers may also be used to remove debris. Any of the waste that’s collected during the process is hauled away by our staff. Your yard will be back to normal as soon as we leave.

How do I know which package to pick?

If you’re unsure, contact our team. In general, if you’ve had regular cleanings, the Basic
Package might suffice. However, if you’ve noticed signs of clogging (leaks, runoff, etc), the
Advanced Package will ensure clogs are removed. The Premier Package offers gutter cleaning
as well as cosmetic restoration (whitening of gutters). This may be necessary if your gutters
have become discolored.

Will you clean off leaves and sticks from my roof?

All of our packages include a Basic cleaning of the roof. Most debris will be accessible and easy to remove with a blower or other tools. However, in some cases, difficult-to-reach areas may not qualify for our Basic Roof Cleaning service. If you’re unsure or have a large amount of debris on the roof, contact us for a more personalized estimate.

If I have gutter guards, do I still need a cleaning?

Gutter guards are effective at protecting your gutters from clogs. However, guards aren’t
failsafe, and sometimes debris can get through them. Debris may also collect on top of the
guards. Therefore, semi-regular cleaning and flushes will ensure your gutter system remains


Exterior property cleaning

We take pride in having top quality cleaning systems and employee training in all areas of our services. Our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of thousands of home and business owners throughout our Minnesota service area since our company began.


We offer services within a 30 mile radius of the Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area. Check all of our service areas/locations.

Call about inquiries outside of these cities.

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