How to Create an Exterior Maintenance Plan for Your Business

by Oct 5,2018

Exterior maintenance is vitally important for any business. Tasks like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and landscaping all help to keep your business looking great and can help attract potential customers.

Yet, beyond the aesthetic benefits of regular cleaning, proper maintenance also reduces the need for costly repairs. A clogged gutter, for example, can cause significant water damage, ice damming in winter and damage to landscaping. By scheduling regular gutter cleanings as part of a maintenance plan, you greatly reduce the risk, and over time, your business can save money.

But what exactly should you include in your exterior maintenance plan? That’s something that we hear a lot about from our customers. They want to know how often they should be doing tasks like window cleaning and pressure washing, and they also want tips and ideas for organizing it all to ensure nothing ever gets missed.

Well, we wanted to provide a few quick answers about exterior maintenance planning.

Here are some ideas for what to include, how often each task should be done, and tips for ensuring that it all runs smoothly.

What Should Be Included in Your Maintenance Plan?

Commercial properties have a long list of exterior maintenance needs. From roofs, to sidewalks, it can be complicated to keep track of everything. In general, though, there are some major areas to consider, including:

  • Roofing – Problems with your roof can cause significant damage. Leaks, pooling water and holes can lead to costly water damage. That’s why regular roof inspections are a must. In general, plan on inspecting your roof bi-annually, as well as after major storms. Also, roof cleaning can help to eliminate mold and algae growth, which increases performance long-term.
  • Gutters – Clean gutters are important for preventing runoff from pooling and causing water damage. When your gutters or roof drains are clogged, water pools, it runs off into landscaping, and the water often seeps into siding. Regular cleaning – especially after fall in Minneapolis – is necessary to ensure your facility’s gutters are clear of debris, and we recommend checks after major storms. A yearly check-up for leaks and loose gutters is also necessary.
  • Windows – Windows have many maintenance needs. That starts with regular window cleanings, which prevent hard stains from setting in. Depending on your facility’s location, monthly or quarterly exterior window cleaning may be necessary. Additionally, a yearly window check-up is important for identifying failing seals/weather stripping and other window issues.
  • Sidewalks / Decking / Driveways – Walkways tend to collect grime and dirt throughout the year. That’s why annual pressure washing is recommended for preventing these hard stains from setting in. During winter months, it’s also important to plan for salting sidewalks and drives. We recommend pressure washing in spring, to fully wash away salt and prevent corrosion.
  • Exterior Siding – Whether you have aluminum, wood or concrete siding, it’s important to keep a close eye on it. Yearly pressure washing helps prevent mold and algae from building up. Additionally, it’s important to check for paint cracking and chipping or to determine the status of concrete paneling each quarter.

How Often Should You Schedule Maintenance?

Keeping a calendar of tasks that should be completed can help you stay ahead of your property’s exterior cleaning demands. It’s very easy for exterior cleaning projects to add up.

When should you plan for each task? Here’s a quick look at monthly, seasonal and annual cleaning needs:


  • Gutters – It’s important to ensure your gutters are clean and clear of debris each month.
  • Sidewalks – Check for cracks, damage and discoloration.
  • Siding – Inspect for stains, cracks and any damage each month.
  • Windows – Monthly window cleaning is necessary for keeping your property looking great. This is especially true during spring and summer, as pollen can buildup on windows.


  • Windows – Inspect windows for cracks, seals and weather-stripping problems.
  • Gutters – A full-service gutter cleaning after fall will prevent clogs and ensure your drains are free of debris. Inspect gutters for loose fittings and other damage.
  • Siding – Repair and seal any cracks in the siding.
  • Sidewalks – Repair any cracks in the pavement. Inspect the parking lot paint.


  • Pavement – Pressure wash outdoor sidewalks, patios, and drives.
  • Siding – Pressure wash siding and conduct any repainting.
  • Roofs – Pressure wash roofing, patch and repair any cracks, and check seal sealing in soffits.

Building Out a Maintenance Calendar

When creating a calendar, start with taking an inventory of all the tasks and areas you want to keep an eye on. Once you have an inventory, you can start to plan weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks that need to be done. A few tips for creating a calendar:

  • Start with a checklist – Include all areas that will need attention including roofs, gutters, windows, sidewalks, and landscaping.
  • Schedule critical projects first – Plan high-priority projects early in the year.
  • Schedule recurring events – Work with your maintenance team to determine weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual projects, and add them to your calendar.
  • Share your calendar with team members – Make sure all of your team members have access to the calendar.
  • Develop a plan for denoting status – Use a tool to help you and your team visual the status of each project.

Ultimately, you might need to outsource some tasks. Working with an exterior cleaning company can help you stay ahead of tasks each year. Most exterior cleaning companies provide recurring service, which can help you stay on schedule.

Looking for help with exterior cleaning in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? Clean and Clear is your source. We provide commercial cleaning services including window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing service throughout the Twin Cities area.




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