8 Home Holiday Lighting Trends

by Oct 10,2018

Take a drive around the neighborhood this holiday season, and you’ll notice that there’s more diversity than ever. Gone are the days of just strands of incandescent lights. Today, homeowners are turning to numerous high-tech Christmas lighting options.

From LED Christmas lights, to old timey Edison lights, homeowners have tons of choices when it comes to holiday décor. Are you getting ready to install Christmas lights for the holiday season?

As a Christmas light installer, we’ve seen it all. And we wanted to share some of the latest trends in X-mas lighting with you. Today’s lighting choices are more convenient, more colorful, and more efficient than ever. Before you start testing that strand of lights you’ve been using for years, you might consider these Eight Christmas Light Trends:-

  1. LED Lights

LED Christmas lights have been popular for years, and more and more homeowners are using them. There are many reasons you might consider installing LED X-mas lights. For starters, they’re much more efficient. You can slash your electricity bills during the holiday season. Plus, they tend to last longer and have many unique color options! In other words, if it’s time to upgrade your lights, you should consider today’s LED options.

  1. Geometric X-Mas Lights

Throughout Scandinavia, geometric lights are a popular choice for holiday décor. And it appears the trend is taking over America. Examples include unique LED stars, globe lights, chuzzle lights, and snowflakes lights. We’ve been seeing this a lot more in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, and geometric lights really allow homeowners to get creative.

  1. Old Timey, Edison Lights

The farmhouse trend is popular right now, and many people are incorporating this style into their holiday lighting displays. Edison lights are now a favorite – especially for outdoor patios, at restaurants and inside homes. These lights look supercool, and add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your display. They’re also perfect for historic properties throughout Minneapolis. Plus, they’re versatile. You can leave them out for outdoor lighting throughout the year.

  1. Net Lights

Have you ever tried to install Christmas lights on a shrub? It’s not easy! Your lights can easy fall into bushes, and you might spend some of the season rehanging them. Net lights, though, provide a solution. These are lights that are built into a netting that sit right over the top of your shrubs. The result: The lights look even and perfectly spaced!

  1. Solar Lights

LED Christmas lights will cut your energy consumption down considerably. But if you want the greenest option, you might consider solar-powered Christmas lights. Solar lights are available in numerous styles, and the strands are powered by built-in solar panels that seamlessly fit into your display. Solar lights look great. Plus, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off!

  1. Laser Light Displays

Tired of getting up on the ladder to install Christmas lights each season? Well, there’s one option that’s become popular in the last few years: Projector lights. Essentially, these are small LED projectors that you place in front of your home. At night, the projector covers your home in bright colorful light. Not only is this the easiest option, but there are numerous things you can do with them like moving swirl displays or projecting holiday-themed images.

  1. Rope Lights

LED rope lights come in 150- and 200-foot strands and feature unique colors and lights. The ropes are easy to install, and they’re durable. We see homeowners using rope lights a lot for decorating trees. The ropes are super-easy to twist around the trunk, and they look awesome. Rope lights are also easy to install on gutters, columns, railings and along walkways.

  1. Folding Light Displays

In the past, lighting displays – like a 3-foot star, say – were typically backed by wood, they were heavy, and difficult to install. Not to mention, after the season, they were a pain to store. Today, though, we’re seeing a lot of cool fold-up lighting displays. You’ll find a number of festive fold-up shapes too, including stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes and reindeer. If you want to add a centerpiece to your light display, a fold-up star or snowflake is perfect!

Ready to Install Christmas Lights on Your Home? Consider Clean and Clear Lighting

A lot of homeowners dread hanging Christmas lights. It takes a whole weekend, you spend all day on the ladder, and all the looking up can give you a stiff neck. Fortunately, there’s an easier way for holiday lighting installation.

Clean and Clear Lighting provides Christmas light installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We help homeowners put up displays that look great – without the hassle. Need a little help with your lights this year? Let us know. We’re happy to provide a quick estimate!




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