5 Types of Window Cleaning Services You Need ASAP

by Oct 18,2017

Many people think of a window cleaning as a necessary part of the spring cleaning routine. The interior and exterior windows should all get washed to ensure no dirt and grime gets left on either side. While both of these aspects are important in a cleaning, additional elements exist that need to be considered as well.

At least five types of window cleaning services are needed by each homeowner to ensure an all-around clean. They shouldn’t wait for the springtime either. Have a window cleaning performed after each season to secure a year-round shine.

Screen Cleaning

Most homes have screens between the inside of the windowsill and the external component. Rather than only focusing on the glass, all screens should get cleaned as well. They can be removed from the sill and sprayed down outside to get them thoroughly cleaned.

A special solution may even be used to help get all grime off of them, especially if it has been a long time since their first cleaning. Bugs can get stuck, leaves and debris catch in the holes, and screens can become incredibly filthy. Pairing this service with a regular window washing is essential for a true clean around the home.

Hard Water Removal

Some homeowners attempt to clean their windows themselves. While they may look visibly clean, many get left with hard water spots that did not get washed off entirely. A professional will eliminate these hard water stains and ensure the entire window looks adequate with no streaks or marks left behind. Hard water often gets left behind from the water you used to clean the windows with, as minerals like calcium form.

A sprinkler may have even sprayed toward your window and left the marks. Professionals not only remove these but also use a product that helps to prevent these stains from appearing in the future.

Interior Windows

People often think about the interior windows at the very least. They spray them with products like Windex and wipe them down with some paper towels and think they have them as clean as they can get. While this solution works fine for those who want a quick cleaning, it is not an adequate solution for those who desire a pure clean with a window that shines. Professionals should handle interior window washing so that when homeowners look outside, they can see clearly with no streaks in the way.

Exterior Windows

The outside of every window should also get cleaned by a professional. The benefit of having an expert handle this job is that you don’t have to climb up any ladders yourself for hard-to-reach places. Windows located on second stories are often far too high for homeowners to reach on their own. Cleaners have the equipment necessary to make their way up to the highest locations and ensure the windows can get cleaned properly.

Glass Doors

The windows around the home are not all that’s included in a cleaning company’s services. Glass doors within the home can get washed as well. Many homeowners choose to hire a professional for their shower doors because they want to ensure it gets washed efficiently so no mold or mildew can grow. This area is the perfect breeding ground for both, so having them cleaned well is highly important.

Why Hire a Professional

The point of hiring a professional isn’t only because they have the equipment to handle the job. They also know how to work safely, so nothing ever gets damaged. Homeowners working alone tend to overdo it, scrubbing too hard at surfaces and leaving them scratched or broken. They may bend screens as they attempt to take them out or knock a window loose with too much force.

Letting an expert perform the job duties ensures everything gets left in pristine condition with no breaks or mishaps. If something unexpected does occur, cleaning companies are insured so the damages get taken care of for you. You don’t have to pay for something they do as you would if you were the one to cause it.

An Extra Delicate Touch

Some window components and glass doors require an extra delicate touch. This holds true for stained glass windows, fragile shower doors, and engraved partitions. Homeowners afraid of handling these household features should let a professional handle them instead. They’ll provide the extra delicate touch needed to ensure all cracks and crevices get cleaned without anything happening to the window or door underneath.

While the interior and exterior windows should get cleaned as normal, these are not the only aspects to consider. Screens need to get thoroughly washed as well, as do any hard water stains stuck on any window surfaces. Hire a professional cleaning company to handle the job so each and every window within the home gets equal care and attention.

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