Window Washing With Water-Fed Poles: What, How & Why?

by Mar 6,2023

Water-fed pole systems are recognized as one of the safest and most effective cleaning methods for washing windows. Clean and Clear often utilizes water-fed poles for problem windows that may be inaccessible or dangerous to reach. They are one of the many different cleaning tools we have at our disposal to ensure a job well done.

Cleaning Windows in High-Rise Buildings in Minnesota

How Are They Used?

What essentially looks like a long broom connected to a hose, water-fed poles are extendable, telescopic poles with bristled brush heads that are connected to a water source. Within the pole is a pump system that filters and feeds purified water through the pole and out of the face of the brush. The brush agitates any dirt/debris on the window while the purified water penetrates, lifts, and cleans the surface of the glass.

The use of purified water is vital to this method of window cleaning as it is free of all contaminants and dissolved solids. The absence of these contaminants and potential solids allows the glass to dry naturally in a streak-free manner.

The Benefits of Using Water-Fed Poles? 

  • Increased Safety – Water-fed poles allow our technicians to gain access to problem windows from a safer/more manageable location. We can clean windows that are nearly 90 feet up without the risks that come from using ladders.
  • Increased Efficiency – By having the added reach with water-fed poles, our crews can access a greater number of windows in a smaller amount of time. (Larger Reach + Less Ladder Work = A More Efficient Cleaning Service)
  • Less Intrusive Service – Without an excessive amount of ladder work, poles grant us the ability to clean windows without having to be on the same level as the window pane. An unexpected positive of this is that it ensures more privacy to the customer as well as less required interaction for the job to be completed.
  • More Environmentally Conscious – The use of purified water ensures the absence of potentially harmful detergents spreading or imposing upon nearby natural material. It’s better for the environment!


What Is Cleaned With Water-Fed Pole Systems?

Water-fed poles are primarily used for specific Exterior Window Cleaning jobs. Clean and Clear and our technicians will always determine the best method of cleaning for each specific job. Poles are primarily utilized for larger commercial buildings with higher windows that may be inaccessible or precarious to reach. Water-fed poles offer a safe and quick cleaning solution to both time-consuming and problem windows.

It is less common for Clean and Clear to utilize this tool in more typical residential and family homes. Our technicians are trained to determine the best way to clean and can typically access and wash the majority of windows with ladders and our standard cleaning process.

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