Do You Offer Group Pricing Discounts?

by Aug 4,2023

We offer same-day promotions when multiple homeowners in the same neighborhood schedule same-day window cleaning, gutter cleaning or pressure washing services which makes this the perfect promotion for homeowners associations, friends, and family in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul and surrounding area.

Below we’ll explain how group pricing works, and how you can schedule a group cleaning to qualify for the discount.

How Does Group Pricing Work?

For us, our group pricing offer is a win-win. Our technicians can clean more homes, while we also cut down on our travel expenses. And for homeowners, this means a $20-$50+ discount on window washing, gutter cleaning or pressure washing services.

Ultimately, group discount pricing is the perfect solution for friends who live near one another to work together to SAVE on the cost of services…

The specifics about the program:

● Requires 2 or more neighbors on the same day

● Must be located in the same neighborhood to qualify

● All will receive a $20-$50+ discount

Who Qualifies for Group Pricing?

There are many ways that people organize group pricing promotions. To get started, you’ll need to organize a group of neighbors that need cleaning services on the same day. There are a number of ways that neighbors have organized groups in the past, including:

● Homeowners associations

● Networking apps like Nextdoor

● Friends and family

● Neighborhood message boards

Schedule A Group Cleaning with Clean and Clear

Once you have a group ready, you can schedule service through Clean and Clear. The process for a group window cleaning discount is simple. Here are the steps you’ll take:

Step 1: Organize your group (2 or more neighbors needed to qualify)

Step 2: Schedule service with Clean and Clear

Step 3: Get a discount of $20-$50+ off

Do you and your neighbors need your windows cleaned? Work together and schedule service the same day to qualify for a group pricing discount from Clean and Clear!




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