What Are MAC Windows?

by Jun 8,2023

Many of the homes in Minneapolis have storm / combination windows, and here’s the simple reason why:

These windows have been installed on homes in the flight path of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to reduce aircraft noise. In fact, since 1992, through the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s Airport Noise Mitigation Program, these noise reducing windows have been installed and paid for, on homes, apartment buildings, and schools.

As a result, many homes in the area have storm windows, which are also known as combination windows. Storm windows, or MAC windows, help to dampen noise caused by planes flying overhead, as they add a large panel of glass over an existing window. This helps to reduce sound transmittance through the window.

MAC’s Airport Noise Mitigation Program: Fast Facts

The Noise Mitigation Program was started in 1992, and it has been continually extended over the years. Currently, noise modifications through the program will be extended through 2032.

Ultimately, the program provides financial support to modify homes, apartments, and schools in areas near the MSP airport. To date, more than $500 million has been invested, with more than 15,000 homes and apartment units being modified.

The types of modifications that qualify for the program include:

● Storm / combination windows
● HVAC and vent insulation
● Wall and ceiling sound insulation
● Door treatments

Ultimately, the program has been introduced in phases, with the current phase extending from 2025-2032.

Is My Home Eligible for Noise Mitigation? Ultimately, homes and apartments nearest the airport, in areas like Richfield, South Minneapolis, Mendota. However, homes in many homes in direct flight paths in Minneapolis and St. Paul are traditionally built with sound windows.

What Are the Benefits of Storm / Combination Windows?

The MAC windows, which are storm / combination windows, have numerous benefits. Of course, they’re effective at reducing noise, but in addition, there are several other key benefits, including thermal performance and air sealing.

The most common benefits of MAC windows include:

● Noise Reduction – Traditional storm windows can reduce sound by 10-35%, whereas soundproof windows (which are similar to combination windows) can reduce noise transmittance by 75%.

● Reducing Drafts – Storm windows help to better seal windows, and can reduce air leakage by more than 10%.

● Reducing Radiant Heat – MAC windows do a better job at reflecting heat caused by the sun. This helps to keep interior temperatures more even, and reduce cooling loads in summer.

The only drawback of storm combination windows is that they are more time-consuming to clean. Typically, each panel must be cleaned, and screens removed to properly clean the window unit.

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