How Does Rain Affect Window Cleaning?

by Jun 8,2023

Many of our customers are surprised to hear: We clean windows rain or shine. It’s true; unless it’s a torrential downpour, the Clean and Clear team cleans windows in the rain.

It’s a commonly held misconception that rain makes windows dirty. Some posit that rainwater washes dirt and grime from the roof or off siding and onto windows, but, truthfully, rainwater is relatively clean and won’t leave water marks or filth on your windows.

We hope to help dispel this myth – that you shouldn’t clean windows when it’s raining – and talk about the real reasons that windows get dirty.

Myth: Rain Makes Your Windows Dirty

Rainwater is, for the most part, fairly clean, with a similar make-up as tap water, and typically, rain can actually help to clear away some dirt and pollen.

Instead, the three most common reasons windows get dirty are:

● Pollen – Pollen leaves a yellowish, dust-like film on windows, and over time, pollen can become hard to remove. That’s why cleanings are recommended after pollen season – which in Minneapolis is typically late summer to early fall.

● Rust – Rust from aging window frames and hardware can leave orangish stains on windows. Rust can be difficult to remove, if it’s not addressed quickly.

● Droppings – Bird droppings are the third most common reason windows get dirty.

But my windows look dirty after it rains? It’s true that dirt and grime on windows becomes more visible after a rainstorm. But the reason this happens is that the windows are dirty to begin with. The rainwater clings to the existing dirt, pollen or dust, and makes the dirt and dust more visible.

The best solution: Regular window cleanings. If your windows are clean, the rain has nothing to cling to and it will dry clear.

What Is the Best Weather for Window Cleaning?

Clean and Clear cleans windows rain or shine. However, there are some occasions when a window cleaning appointment may need to be rescheduled.

One would be in torrential downpours or storms. This is generally a precaution to our window cleaning team, but it also ensures that the windows can be cleaned properly. The second scenario would be high winds; windy weather makes it difficult to keep contaminants from reaching the wet windows.

Ultimately, the best weather for window washing is a partly cloudy or overcast day.

During hot summer days, or when windows are in direct sunlight, the panes can begin to overheat. As a result, overheated windows are more prone to streaks. On particularly sunny days, scheduling window cleaning for early morning or late afternoon can also help you avoid this problem.

Schedule Window Cleaning Service with Clean and Clear

Clean and Clear provides window washing services in Minneapolis, year-round, no matter the weather. You don’t have to worry about the weather when you book an appointment. Our team has experience washing windows in a variety of weather conditions.

However, if we do need to reschedule an appointment due to the weather (heavy rain, lightning, or high winds), we’ll communicate with you and ensure we find a time to return.

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