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by Oct 8,2023

What is your Process for Gutter Cleaning

We recommend homeowners to clean their gutters 1-2x per year. As gutters serve as the main way for rainwater to divert away from a property’s foundation and exterior, it is important to ensure that proper maintenance is done.

Cleaning the downspouts and gutter trays prevent debris from accumulating in and clogging up the gutter system. This ensures proper gutter function and water flow.

Clogs in the gutter system can lead to foundation damage, water intrusion, rot of the wood and siding on a home, and overflow onto roofs can cause leakage.

Clean gutters can also help to prevent ice dams from forming in the winter. These ice dams can lead to expensive home repairs as well as safety issues with slip and falls on sidewalks.

For residential gutter cleaning, we use the following process for cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Includes:
• Cleaning the interior of the gutters
• Clearing the downspouts of all blockages
• Before and After Photos
• Clean up of any mess left behind

Scheduling Note – Most gutter cleanings can be completed without the homeowner present. For peace of mind, we provide before and after photos to document the completed work. Payment can be made online with a card following the completion of the project.

Commercial Note – Our process for gutter cleaning on Commercial properties and Associations varies. We will work with property managers and/or board members to come up with a cost-effective plan for debris removal management.


Commonly Asked Questions –

How do you clean the gutters?

There are two main ways we perform gutter cleaning:

• Hand Cleaning – This involves cleaning the debris out of the gutter by hand and placing it into a bag or bucket. This method is preferable when the gutters are filled with wet debris and mud as well as when a homeowner’s property has extensive landscaping below.

• Leaf Blowing – This involves the use of a leaf blower to remove the debris from the gutters. We will typically use this method when the gutters have been regularly cleaned and/or the debris inside is relatively dry.

Our technicians are trained in both methods and use their discretion on which option will provide the most effective cleaning and also leave the homeowners yard “as if we were never present.”

Downspout Cleaning – We use a variety of tools including a snake, leaf blower, water and in some cases, removing the downspout with a drill. The tool chosen is also left for the technician’s discretion on which will be most effective at removing the clog.

What do you do with the debris that is removed from my gutters?

Every property is slightly different with some homes being surrounded by woods while others are in the city.

Our team is trained to “leave no trace.”

This essentially means that is at our technicians discretion to their method of leaf removal as long as the home and yard looks pristine upon departure.

The two main options are:
• We can hand bag the debris and haul off-site
• We can blow the leaves into the surrounding wooded areas

Note – In the early spring and fall time, we have many customers who allow our teams to keep the leaves on their grass for their lawn and yard-clean up companies to remove. In some cases, the extra leaves provide insulation for flower beds and decompose over the winter acting as a natural fertilizer.

Regardless of the method chosen by the technician, we will always blow off hard surfaces such as decks, sidewalks, patios and driveways so there is not a mess left behind.

In many cases, our company will leave your home and yard looking better than it was prior to our arrival.

After cleaning, do you flush gutters and downspouts with water?
In most cases, flushing with water is not needed. We will generally use air (leaf blowers) to check for blockages in the downspouts. This does a very effective job and eliminates the need to access homeowner’s water.

Typically, we would only recommend flushing if significant dirt, shingle grit, mud, and debris cannot be removed effectively by hand.

If you prefer to have your gutters flushed regardless of what type of debris is found inside, please let us know and we can accommodate.

I have existing gutters guards and/or French drains. How do you handle cleaning around this?
Gutter guards vary from brand to brand and home to home (amount of tree coverage, etc).

Some guards do a great job of keeping debris out of the gutters which makes gutter cleaning relatively easy. Other gutter guards may not perform as well and allow a lot of debris inside of the gutter. These types of guards may require removal/uninstallation prior to cleaning.

Our technician would make a good faith effort to clean the gutters without removing the guards. This is easier for us and also more cost-effective for you.

If removal of the gutter guards is required, this could cost a bit more additional. If our technician notices that the guards would need to be removed and/or would take more time than anticipated, we will always review any pricing changes with the homeowner before continuing. Service can always be declined at any point throughout this process.

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