6 Tips for Winterizing Your Home Before the Snow Falls

by | Nov 1,2017

Once the fall season has almost come to an end, it’s time to start thinking about winter and all the season entails. While many people have Christmas and gift-buying on their minds, homeowners need to think about winterizing their homes before the snow falls. It’s the only way to ensure a safe environment during the holiday season. With these six tips in mind, anyone can handle Minneapolis St. Paul winterizing with ease.

winterizing tips


Check the Furnace

Winter time means hours of having the furnace running for many families. If you want to get some heat in your home, you will need a furnace that is up to par and able to accommodate your needs. A broken one will do you no good during the cold season.

Before any snow falls and the temperature drops dramatically, it is best to have the furnace checked out to ensure it is operating at full capacity. Have a professional perform an inspection to see what your best option may be for the season. A simple filter replacement could be all you need if air flow seems restricted.

Get a Roof Cleaning

It may seem pointless to some to have their roof cleaned before winter. You feel like the snow would simply cover up the gunk underneath anyways, making it a moot point to have a cleaning done. It is far better for your roof if you have it cleaned both before the winter and afterward. You should ensure all grime and debris are off the roof so that no extra weight is already present before the snow falls and adds a considerable amount to it.

If you do have it washed, the cleaners will remove any mold or mildew that may be present, which could spread and drip into the home when the snow melts on top of it throughout the season.

Get a Gutter Cleaning

The gutters should get cleaned for the same reason the roof should. You want to eliminate any excess weight placed on your system. The snow will also melt at times, and the water needs to run through and out the gutters.

With debris clogging the system, it won’t be able to escape and could instead wreak havoc on your roof and ceiling when the melted water gets inside. You will also be far more likely to experience those dangling icicles that could drop at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Forget the Window Washing

Dirt builds up easily on the windows both inside and out. If you want your house in ideal condition for the winter season, particularly if you’ll be hanging window decorations for all to see, then a thorough window washing may prove necessary. Have a professional get the job done so that all windows throughout the household get cleaned efficiently. You can even have stained glass windows and shower doors done if you need.

Have Holiday Lighting Professionally Installed

Many people leave their holiday lights until last minute, attempting to get up on a ladder and hang lights along their roof’s edges while the snow falls around them. Not only is this cold, but it can also be dangerous if homeowners happen to slip or make a wrong move.

Rather than doing it yourself, leave the lights to the professionals. They can ensure everything gets adequately installed and is running well after handling other winterizing solutions for your home. All your lights will be set up and ready to shine before the holidays arrive.

Block Drafty Doors

Cold drafts of air easily make their way inside when it’s cold outdoors. Locate any sources of drafts and find a way to block them from getting in. You can roll a blanket or towel and place it in front of a door while you’re home if you want to avoid feeling the cold air.

They also make draft guards you can install that remain on the bottoms of your doors at all times. It keeps the heat inside whether you’re home or not. It will save on your energy bill as well and maybe even help your thermostat reading show more accurately.

Home winterizing is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to keep their houses in top shape throughout the cold season. Rather than keeping things filthy and giving the snow a better chance to turn to water and make its way inside the home, a thorough cleaning will ensure no water gets left on the premises to cause damage.

Follow these tips for winterizing your home before the snow falls, and it should remain in ideal condition throughout the next several months. Just be sure to get it done sometime in the fall and do not wait until the winter season already commences.


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