5 Most Effective Washing Techniques to Make Your Windows Sparkle

by | May 19,2017

You can’t always hire a professional team to clean your windows. That’s why we have put together the following guide including five essential tips to help you wash your windows like a pro.


Choosing the Correct Tools and Supplies

Cleaning Bucket and Solution – The bucket needs to be large enough to hold the amount of cleaner necessary and wide enough to fully submerge your cleaning tools. For a cleaning solution, choose one that doesn’t create too many suds. Suds can be difficult to remove and may ultimately leave the window marked and streaked. We recommend a solution consisting of dawn dish soap and water.

Strip Applicator – Large commercial windows call for pro tools. The wide cloth head of a strip applicator can soak up and apply lots of soapy water, knocking loose dirt without scratching the glass. Make sure that the handle is long enough for the job

Professional Squeegee – This needs to be a high-quality tool with a metal frame and comfortable handle or grip. Again, make sure the length is adequate for reach, but not extended so much that you lose the ability to control it. Before you begin, check the squeegee blade, making sure it is perfectly straight and flexible. If the squeegee is old, the rubber blade can become cracked or brittle. If you find this, you will need to change out the rubber blade, before you begin as the tool will be useless.

Ladder – If you rely only on the length of your tool handles, you will lose control and pressure the higher the reach. Make sure you have an adequate and stable ladder to reach all areas without stretching too far.

Window Cleaning Towels – Lint-free, clean towels are essential. Be sure to have several on hand.

    Applying the Solution and Cleaning the Window

    Dip the applicator into the solution, then wring out the excess solution. Next, scrub the window with the strip applicator. Choose one with a nylon scrubbing pad on one edge and cloth on the other so that you can switch when more power is necessary to remove all the dirt and debris.

    Using the Proper Squeegee Technique

    Learning the proper squeegee technique is one of the most difficult parts of window cleaning. It will take a little practice and some learning from your mistakes, but the result is worth the effort.

    Holding the tool at the mid-point of the handle, place it at the top left of the window. Now with firm and even pressure pull the squeegee over the soapy window in a reverse “Z” motion. If you are left-handed, start from the top right. When you reach the end of each motion, wipe the blade clean using a clean, lint-free rag.

    With lots of practice, you will get a feel for the pressure you need to apply to have windows that sparkle every time.

    Drying the Squeegee Between Uses

    It is important that you wipe the edges of the squeegee with a dry portion of the towel. If the towel is wet, it won’t dry the blade and will leave marks on the glass after it dries.

    Finishing Up with a Dry Towel

    With a clean, dry towel, go over the area you just cleaned to make sure it is completely dry, free of streaks and squeegee marks.

    These are our top five tips to help you achieve professional results. At Clean and Clear, our goal is to make your job easier. Our team professionally cleans the windows of hundreds of new constructions each year as well as commercial buildings, homes, and properties throughout Minnesota. To learn more about our professional services including gutter cleaning, leaf removal, and pressure washing, connect with us today.

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